When we share laughter,

There’s twice the fun;

When we share success,

We surpass what we’ve done.  

When we share problems, There’s half the pain;

When we share tears, A rainbow follows rain.  

When we share dreams, They become more real; When we share secrets,

It’s our hearts we reveal.  

If we share a smile, Then our love shows;

If we share a hug, Then our love grows.  

If we share with someone On whom we depend,

That person becomes Family or friend.

And what draws us closer, And makes us all care,

Is not what we have, But the things that we share.


Satu Tanggapan to “When We Share”

  1. hermanbaso Says:

    wow i don’t know what to say but maybe i also like you as a man who like to make a friendship. but Unfortunately i am not that like what you have. i do not have a friend who can share laughter or pain i don’t have a real friend such that
    but i hope we can be a friends thank you

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